Friday, April 18, 2008


Mortal Kombat...versus...DC Comics? Nothing about this makes sense. Marvel vs. Capcom made sense because despite both being from different mediums they were still both comic bookish in nature, but this, this is not natural.

Despite everything, Sub Zero is fighting Batman in the clip above, so I'm sold no matter how little sense this all makes. I'm still working this all out in my head, but how are they going to have fatalities? The DC super-heroes aren't going to kill anyone. They don't in the comics and there's no way DC would portray their characters killing anyone for any reason-- especially Batman and Superman!

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Ray said...

Dude, I know! This is going to be fucking weird. Capcom shoulda bought the rights to DC so we could have Marvel vs. DC... which neither side probably would have allowed, but still. Imagining it is pretty sweet.

Daniel said...

i ready on destructoid that they're not going to have any fatalities at all because they don't want to see batman decapitated, etc