Monday, April 14, 2008

Iron Man Suits Revealed

Marvel is really pushing this movie. Which is fine. Exposure is always good and everything shown so far has looked excellent, including the game. It's also nice to see Tony Stark as a likeable character again. After being demonized in Civil War he's been nothing but dumped on in the comic world. With Downey Jr. as ol' shell head we're getting a kinder, gentler Tony Stark. We're seeing him before his drinking problem, before he fixed his own heart, and before he was blamed for Captain America's death.

But I digress.

The video game, helmed by SEGA, looks sharp. Recently, SEGA revealed all the unlockable suits in the game. The collection looks good, but I found it odd that War Machine wasn't included. I figured they'd throw that one in to tease fans for inevitable next movie.

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