Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm trying out a new blog template, so tell me what you think. I like this one a lot, but I'd be nice if I could design my own, or at least have more of a say in what the template looks like...

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Wanna See Iron Man for Free?

You can! All it costs is your dignity (maybe). Mr. Harry Knowles-- in usual cool fashion-- has set up a free screening of Iron Man at the Alamo Drafthouse next Monday night! Hit the link and read all about the rules. Yes, the rules, because nothing is really free. I would totally compete in this, but I already have plans for that night that cannot be broken because the power of BBQ is too strong, and my stomach is too weak.

If you know anyone who lives in Chicago, then you may want to clue them in on this. Now everyone gets a shot a free screening!

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Friday, April 18, 2008


Mortal Kombat...versus...DC Comics? Nothing about this makes sense. Marvel vs. Capcom made sense because despite both being from different mediums they were still both comic bookish in nature, but this, this is not natural.

Despite everything, Sub Zero is fighting Batman in the clip above, so I'm sold no matter how little sense this all makes. I'm still working this all out in my head, but how are they going to have fatalities? The DC super-heroes aren't going to kill anyone. They don't in the comics and there's no way DC would portray their characters killing anyone for any reason-- especially Batman and Superman!

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Quint on Chan!

AICN has a good interview with Jackie Chan about all things Jackie Chan. The meat of the interview is about The Forbidden Kingdom starring Chan and Jet-Li, but they get into an interesting chat about American action movies versus Chinese action movies.

For example, Chan says that movies like Rush Hour 1 and 2 (he never mentions 3, by the way) were huge hits here in America, but had lackluster box office returns in China. OK, it straight up bombed in China. He goes on to say, however, that movies the Chinese audience loves never do well here.

Anyway, it's a pretty good read if you like Jackie Chan. And even if you don't it's still a good read because it really seems like Jackie didn't care too much for his own movie, which is damn shame since he and Jet-Li finally teamed up.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Strong Bad vs. The Wii

If you pay any attention to game magazines you've no doubt seen all the WiiWare coverage. However, you may not know about this gem of gems. That's right: Strong Bad is getting is own game.

There's not much else to say here. Head over to homestarrunner if you've never heard of it and prepare thyself.

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Iron Man Suits Revealed

Marvel is really pushing this movie. Which is fine. Exposure is always good and everything shown so far has looked excellent, including the game. It's also nice to see Tony Stark as a likeable character again. After being demonized in Civil War he's been nothing but dumped on in the comic world. With Downey Jr. as ol' shell head we're getting a kinder, gentler Tony Stark. We're seeing him before his drinking problem, before he fixed his own heart, and before he was blamed for Captain America's death.

But I digress.

The video game, helmed by SEGA, looks sharp. Recently, SEGA revealed all the unlockable suits in the game. The collection looks good, but I found it odd that War Machine wasn't included. I figured they'd throw that one in to tease fans for inevitable next movie.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Condemned 2: Review

We've all experienced that one game that just doesn't click with us. Your friends like, the internet likes it, you even saw Jesus in line at Gamestop picking up his pre-order, but you starred blankly at the cover, confused. You even decided to give it a shot--nothing. You're dead to it and you don't know why. Nothing you read about the game makes any sense, and you come to the only conclusion that makes sense: you missed something.

Well, I guess I missed something because Condemned 2 fucking sucked. To put it bluntly. Maybe that's a little extreme; I actually did like aspects of it, but overall it did nothing for me. Why? The controls. Some of the worst mapping since people thought the Earth was flat can be found here. Everything, everything you do is slow while the rest of the world moves at a pace 2x faster than you. You're a brawler in this game, with the left and right punches mapped nicely to the triggers and the left and right hooks mapped nicely to the left thumb stick, which must be pressed in conjunction with one of the triggers, in the middle of battle, when there's a half second delay or more between you pulling the trigger and your character actually throwing a punch. Think Resident Evil on PS but in first person.

There's a difference between learning how the controls work and learning how to deal with the controls. You probably noticed I didn't talk about the interesting story or the good graphics, that's because I don't care.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Zelda: The Movie?

This is just damn cruel. IGN.com posted an article and video for the the NEW FUCKING ZELDA MOVIE!

Disappointingly, this is not real. Not that anyone ever believed it to be, but I still feel I have to say that because someone, somewhere can't wait to see this. Still, the ideas they're playing with in the trailer are pretty cool. Not surprisingly, Ocarina of Time was used as the basis for the movie, but with a few tweaks. For instance, Zelda locks Link away in the Temple of Time just as war comes to Castle Hyrule-- which I thought was pretty cool. It almost seemed like he was stuck in there for 7 real-time years instead of the magic sleep he was in during the game.

Ugh, too bad this isn't real. Well, I'm glad this isn't real because this movie doesn't look that great as far as movies go, but the idea is a wonderful one that, if done right, would be epic as shit.

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