Sunday, March 30, 2008

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith: Update!

The current issue of Game Informer has a write up on the next Guitar Hero game, starring Aerosmith. If you like things for free, however, then feel free to swing by 1up for an equally in-depth report on what this game is all about.

The last time I wrote about Guitar Hero 4.1: Aerosmith (not official title) I was very skeptical on how a game filled entirely with Aerosmith music would be good. Apparently, Activision was also skeptical because only 60 percent of the tunes will be by Aerosmith. The other 40 will be opening act songs by bands Aerosmith played with back in the day.

A lot of people (myself included) may not think Aerosmith is a good choice for this, but, shit, you gotta start somewhere, right? If this works... soo many awesome bands could get this same treatment after the masters of selling out-- I mean, the masters of ROCK-- prove it's a formula that works.

Oh, here is a a sample list of some of the other songs in the game (no idea if they're covers or not):

  • "Dream Police" -- Cheap Trick
  • "All the Young Dudes" -- Mott the Hoople
  • "I Hate Myself for Loving You" -- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  • "All Day and All of the Night" -- The Kinks
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Theaters, Higher Prices, Pissed Off Public

Higher ticket prices, 3D experiences, "a concierge service", valet parking, and high-priced food equals better movie going experience? According to Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas out of Australia, yes. Variety recently posted an article about these new Super cinemas where Graham Burke, managing director and CEO of Village Roadshow Ltd. had this to say.

"It's a new way to go to the movies,"It's like what Mercedes is to a Toyota or like flying first class in an airplane."

Really? Or is it more like watching a fucking movie, sitting in a nice chair, eating expensive food and still having to deal with loud teenagers, crying babies, and idiots who are so self-involved they really think the actors can hear them?
People don't go to the movies anymore for two reasons: 1.) theaters suck. No one cares about food or valet parking or 3D; people care about being able to watch a movie in peace. There are only a handful of places that actually still use ushers. Teens and assholes know they can go to a theater and be as loud and obnoxious as they want because no one will do anything about it.
2.) Let's put some of that money into actually making good films. People don't go to the movies anymore because there's nothing to see. Movies, for the most part, suck nowadays.

They did this same crap back in '50s. The movies blew and everyone knew it so they tried to make the theaters awesome. Plush seats and 3D glasses was Hollywood's way of hiding the fact that they couldn't pull good movies out of their ass even if they tried. They were shaking keys in front of Americans and watched as they clapped their hands with glee, drooled, and made a poopie.
This is what we have to look forward to:

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Joe!

AICN posted some more information about the new "G.I. Joe" movie that will be helmed by Stephen Sommers of "Deep Impact" and the "Mummy" fame. Apparently, Access Hollywood has the inside scoop on G.I. Joe:

The film is reportedly an origins story. It could explain why Destro has a chromed and why Snake-Eyes doesn't speak, among other outlandish details of "G.I. Joe" that the cartoon never explained.

Nice subtle insult there, Access Hollywood.

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Monday, March 24, 2008


I pulled this photo from AICN. There's a write-up over there with more pictures and Ray Park's Snake-Eyes. Who is Ray Park you ask? Any nerd will scream at you that he's Darth Maul! The sexy Sith who could beat Darth Vader! (bullshit). Oh, and he was Toad in X-Men (a movie that apparently bridged the gap between comic nerds and you gentiles. I could go on forever about how much I hated X-Men, and I might one day, but we're here to talk about G.I. Joe, damnit!)

So yeah, Snake-Eyes looks cool. I guarantee that if this movie does well there will be a Snake-Eyes spin-off movie. Or a Stormshadow spin-off movie?! Or a Snakes-Eyes vs. Stormshadow the movie!!!???

--Go Joe--

Kings of Power 4 Billion %

Remember Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006? Maybe you do and maybe you don't...
If you were one of the lucky ones to witness Paul Robertson's SNK-style masterpiece, then you'll understand why my underwear is stained.

P.S. Best watched with eyes and mouth wide open.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good flicks coming?

I know, I am as confused as you. But, there actually are some decent-ass films coming out in the upcoming months. It looks like children's novels turned movies are taking a break-- thankfully. I was going to write a whole thing about each upcoming film and how I'd sell someone else's baby to see them, but, shit, I'll just post some trailers and spare the pain...


Click link. enjoy.
Oh, and Heath Ledger died. I'm required by law to tell you that when talking about this movie.

Now, there isn't actually a trailer for this movie yet, but from what I've read everything seems to be going along nicely and Edward Norton even has some writing credits. A while back I read an interview over at aintitcool saying something about how this movie would be more akin to the old TV show. Since there is no trailer for this, enjoy this instead!


Annnnd, this new one, which really shows you how awesome this will be.

Iron Man Exclusive Trailer

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The Matrix boys are tackling Speed Racer. A show our parents loved. I was never the biggest fan of Speed and Co., but you cannot deny how sexy this movie looks.

Indiana Jones is my personal Jesus. Like many, I grew up watching these movies on video. Real men don't cry; it's a scientific fact. I will cry tears of joy during this movie-- that's a fact. Guess I better bring some weights with me, get my work out on to show I'm a real man and shit.

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